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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Katsidis vs Casamoyer - March 22

Many readers here are probably unaware of a new boxing phenom named Michael Katsidis (23-0, 20 KO’s) . East Side Boxing called him "boxing’s latest action hero." Form Wikipedia: "When entering the ring, Katsidis wears a Greek warrior helmet and in bouts his trunks often resemble a warrior's skirt both showing that he is proud of his Greek heritage." I know that sounds a little goofy, but it's actually pretty cool. I first saw Katsidis on the undercard of a another fight (Hopkins - Wright) last year. His was the best fight of the night. This guy is ferocious. He's non-stop and he was big time power. He's on the cusp of boxing stardom and recognition. This weeked he fights Joel Casamayor for the Ring Magazine Lightweight World Championship. The current champ, Casamayor said,“Katsidis is a good fighter and he will be on top of this division someday, but this is still my time and I'm not about to lose to him on March 22.”

Metinks someday is Saturday.


Levi said...

your boy got knocked out. Well TKO but he was out on his feet in the 10th. I watched some of his other fights and he is an animal. I agree he will be something soon.

David H. Willis said...

Yeah, I think I better stop predicting boxing matches. He's beast and young so he'll be back (I hope). He got careless and got got tagged.