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Sunday, March 23, 2008


For a well balance approach to Easter check out Douglas Jacoby. I saw this article mentioned at Roy Ingle's Arminan Today. Yes, I really dig this guy's blog. He's a big fan of Jack Cottrell and has loads of good stuff from an Arminian perspective which is very hard to find. Anyway, I think Jacoby avoids extremes and gets it right about Easter.


george said...

Can not agree with you on easter article. It tramples all over the principle that God does not want done in his honor what was done by the pagans in honor of their God. They were to destroy the groves, the idols and pictures and rename the place and not do the things the pagans did unto the Lord God. THe names of their GOds were to be destroyed out of the land and here we have taken the pagan Goddess of fornication and fertility and stuck it on the resurrection of the Lord. She was a Goddess of fertility and her symbols were the egg, the lily, and the rabbit Atheists stumble over our customs and say Christianity is nothing but baptized paganism. (Their right as far some churches are concerned Rome has copied heathen holidays, madonna, rosary, statues, convents, and tonsured priests.) Christianity in general has copied their holidays. Have you ever wondered why Easter is on a movable date? She was a moon Goddess. Jesus died on Passover. Why do people celebrate his resurrection a month before passover this year? It is set according to the spring equinox. Why should an annual commemoration be on a movable date? Do you think Paul would have had a Christian event set up that and called it Diana? She is the same Goddess. Just something to thing about. George L. Faull

David H. Willis said...

Wow! And now I am thinking about it. Thanks brother.