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Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Holidays?

Soren wrote an great piece on the "Happy Holidays" issue. Check it out. Now my thoughts...

While I basically agree with everything Soren wrote I've decided to add my perspective. Frankly the move to "Happy Holidays" is increasingly irritating to me and i actaully find it refreshing when someone says "Merry Chrstmas." Let me emphasize that my irritation with the whole "Happy Holidays" jive is cultural not biblical. It doesn't bother me if Christians do or don't celebrate Christmas. I don't even care if they want to celebrate Christmas as a purely secular holiday. So what society does in this regard is not important to me from a Christian/Biblical perspective. My problem is now we have to give equal time to every "holiday" even made up ones!

My oldest daughter sings in the chorus at her elementary school. I went to program where they sang three songs obstensably as part of a celebration of the "season." They did three numbers. The first song was instrumental with kazoos and some plastic pipes they tapped for percussion. I have no idea what kind of song it was. The second number was unfamilar to me since it was a Japanese New Year song (sung in Japanese). The final number was a Kwanzaa song. Happy Holidays!

Of course the greens and reds of "Christmas" were around with the obligatory candle, snowflake and snowman thrown in to boot! Yet, not one Christmas song, not even the non-Jesus ones like Jingle Bells! I'm sure they'll get one in during the next and larger program along with a Hanukkah tune of course.

Here's my beef the social engineering in schools would leave one with the impression that all of these holidays are to be valued equally and are equally practiced. I wonder what's next...Ramadan? Yeah, I know it's already here. Pluralism, mulitculturalism and a holiday season. Oh boy!!!

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