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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Duck Huck!

You better duck Huck! Mike Huckabee is in for a beating. He's surging in the polls and seems to have a refreshing authenticity BUT HE'S NOT going to get the nomination. Trust me. The GOP big boys aren't going to let a Baptist preacher be the nominee. Believe me, it ain't going to happen. They've already started the hatchet job and it's just beginning. He's being branded as a whacko. He's soft on crime...he raised taxes... he rejects evolution... he's wants to quarantine people with aids, etc. More will come and he'll be branded as "unelectable" and too overtly religious. Guliani is the annointed one, so just relax and watch it unfold.

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Badger said...

Man, I hope you're wrong. Yeah, he's getting attacked, but that seems to me to be a sign that he's got ol' Mitt worried (which is only showing Mitt to be the Bill Clinton wannabe that he is).

Mike is the first candidate that I've been even mildly interested in in a long time, hope he does well, it would be nice to see a showdown between a real Christian and whatever the Dems come up with.

Have faith, bro!