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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I rarley get political on WTBW? Today is an exception and a minor one at that. Pat Buchanan has long been my favorite political commentator. I've liked a him a great deal since he was the right guy on Crossfire (back during my politically formative years) on CNN. I loved watching him skewer the libs and their predictable drivel. I've followed with interest his presidential bids and I also have several of his books. I especially like his columns. I like others too: Robert Novak, Ann Coulter, Walter Williams. But Pat always seems to right on and he has the courage to take on topics than many are too cowardly to face. I wish he was a preacher. I bet he would throw down! Oh well...I can at least enjoy him as a brillinat & bold writer. Go Pat go!

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Soren said...

Go Pat go! he rocks!