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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sermons are on the web..finally!

After years of consideration and conversation my sermons have finally made it onto our website at Olivet. I know this will not sweep the internet and generata a tremendous bandwith demand at our site. Neverthleess I'm glad we finally got it done. We use an inexpensive olympus voice recorder. The first try wasn't great (actually it was bad). Last week we used a mic directly connected to the recorder and the sound definitely improved. It doesn't pick up the congregation as well, but I sound better, so we will go with it as it is for now. I should tell all of the regular readers of WTBW (Mike & Keith) that my best sermons over the last few years, of course, were never recorded!


Last_Man_Standin said...

You should put the sermon outlines (that used to be there before audio) back on there too. Old fashioned people still using that dial-up will have a tough time streaming/downloading audio.

Also, to start increasing site hits, you should try to do your best to get the church listed on this page: http://campusministries.cnu.edu/localchurches.html in order to improve your google ranking (which couldn't be worse- over 50 pages deep). The CNU local ministries website is the 4th link to show up when searching google for newport news christian church.

It also couldn't hurt to change the scary-looking picture at the top left-hand corner of the church website. It looks like a cross between "The Addams Family" and the girl from "The Ring".

There's more that you can do to improve site navigation, but that should get you started.

David H. Willis said...


I'm not sure how it works but when I google "olivet christian chruch" we come up first. Am I missing something? Also I may return to more detailed outlines, but they aren't manuscripts, just my personal notes, so I always thought they were hard to follow. We are working with a "fill in the blank" type of website so we have some limitations, but we will continue to try and improve. Thanks for your thoughts.

Last_Man_Standin said...

Sure people will find Olivet if they know the name of the church. What if others are just browsing around don't know they are looking for? That happens in CyberSpace.

If non-members are looking for a church-home they could more easily find olivet, if it were higher on google.

Most people when the are new to the area or are just looking for some place new to go, will just plug in their city and what they are looking for. They'll click the first few links on google, maybe look at the next page, then search using different key words.

Olivet is Really hard to find unless you know what you're looking for.

Its not just the congregation that sees a website, its everybody.

Welcome visitors to the site near the top of the homepage. Tell them what OCC is all about in a short paragraph below the welcome- tell them that they will find brothers and sisters in the Lord and grow spiritually... what they're looking for they'll find it here. Tell them how to find you: Our church is located in the denbigh section of newport news close to fort eustis and etc...

We'd love for you to join us on Sunday mornings.

Sunday school starts at ____, Regular services begin at _______.

If something special is going on like the Good Friday service, put the times of the services on the front of the website somewhere so people can easily find them in a rush.

I don't mean to intrude on your blog, I lurk here often.


David H. Willis said...

Lurkers are always welcome! I'm still looking for someone to supervise our website. Interested?

Last_Man_Standin said...

Can't help you with that one. I can only tell you how to make it look better and be found easier. Fixing it is for the techies.