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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Al Sharpton...Where are you?

I want to weigh in on the whole Duke rape scandal. I'm having a flashback to Al Sharpton & the Tawana Brawly "scandal." It's very possible that I'm wrong, but I'm predicting exoneration for the alledged Duke rapists. Afterall, the D.A. has no D.N.A. evidence! His pictoral evidence isn't helping much either. I'm sure, however, that their will be protests and riots in Durham. We will hear of double standards in the justice system and of racial unrest (translation = angry mobs of black folks in the streets). Somehow the "confederate flag" will be brought into this too. Sharpton, Jackson & other phony "reverends" will call for the Justice Department to investigate. And, of course, somehow President Bush will once again be villified as a racist. Do I sound cynical? I am. Maybe I'm wrong... then again... maybe I'm not!


Anonymous said...

Those uppity blacks!! I wish they'd quit all their complaining and such. They are lazy and did better under slavery. Thanks to GW Bu$h we can git them darkies back where they belong. Thank you for your courage "Willis" you are a real hero of the blogworld. You really support the war with your hatred of negros.

David H. Willis said...


Thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that I have been picked up by the radar over at the "thought police" headquarters. Maybe I better enroll in some "sensitivity training"... Stay tuned.