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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Manly Music?

Mark Driscoll: I’ll be happy when we have more than just prom songs to Jesus sung by some effeminate guy on an acoustic guitar offered as mainstream worship music. Right now most worship music is still coming from the top down through such things as Christian radio and record labels. But the trend today in a lot of churches is writing your own music to reflect your culture and community, and I pray this trend of music from the bottom up continues.

I was thinking about the masculine vs. feminine worship music discussion this morning on my way to the office. I first encountered the feminization of church music idea in the book, "Why Men Hate Going to Church" by David Murrow a couple of years ago. Then the more I listened the more I noticed that much of praise music these days strongly resembles the popular "Lite" format on radio. That format is targeted at a highly female demographic. It should come as no surprise that this kind of music is prevalent in the church since women are typically over represented numerically in the average congregation. As I continue my drive I tried to recall songs that had a distinctly masculine kind of vibe. I came up with a few. Do you think there's truth to Driscoll's point? (I do). Do you have some songs that you'd recommend? I'd like to add them to our playlist.


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to be at the Borrow's loacation last summer. The worship was different and it was not the typical pretty people on stage in matching outfits. It was jsut a group of guys, t-shirts and jeans worshipping God.

The music was not anything I recognized. It was refreshing.

I wrote a blog about worship the other day, I am still wrestling with the idea of what we are doing during our time of worship through music.
This idea of the worship leaders writting music for there church seems to be a trend that churches are going to.

I like it. I think it allows the leader the freedom of expression without always using the "top 10" worship songs.

Anonymous said...

A generation ago, John Fischer wrote a thing called "Righteous Man" which should have been the anthem for the whole Promise Keepers movement.

Also, check out "Fortress" by Canadian worship leader Brian Doerksen on the Today CD or DVD (Integrity Music)

Great songs!

David H. Willis said...

Cool. Thanks.