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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fishing poles, bicycles & asphalt...OUCH!

Yesterday I attempted a relatively short bicycle ride with my lovely wife. We were preparing for a 100 mile ride tomorrow that starts on the campus of Roanoke Bible College. About five miles into our ride we encounter an obstacle of sorts - a fishing pole! How? Well we were getting it at about 20 miles per hour and approaching some seemingly harmless parked cars when a man pulls a fishing pole from his trunk and whips it out into the street. Tammy brakes and I try to swing wide. I caught her bike tire a slammed onto the asphalt. OUCH! We both wreck, but thankfully her injuries were minor. The street was not particulary receptive to me and my flailing body. I slammed onto the pavement pretty hard and my helmet saved my from a potentially very serious accident. Waer your helmets boys & girls! I went down on my left side and acquired some big time road rash. Worst of all I smashed my shoulder - the same one I separated a few years ago. Anyway, I lay in the street for a bit while a few folks drove around me! Yeah, I thought about the Good Samaritan too. I won't bore you with all the details, but I've done the ER, pain pills, anti-nflammatory pills, a visit to an Orthopedist, my first cortisone injection and I have an MRI on my calendar. The good news is that I am eating very wel! My long time friend Frank brought over two double cheese what-a-burgers (the best). And my mom brought me 2 bags of caramel creams - my fav candy! So now I have a bum shoulder and a bulging midsection, but hey it could've been worse!


William Mckinley Dyer said...

You will just go to all lengths to get out of that diet you were suppose to be on. What a shame, u gotta result to self-inflicted, probably on purpose, pain so you can eat cheeseburgers and candy

Soren said...

Ouch! That had to hurt. I'm glad is wasn't worse. And you can't go wrong with what-a-burger. Doctor's orders, right?

I wonder if Piper/Carson/Keller would say your crash was predestined?

And why did I have a strong urge to buy Tulips today? Weird.

Melissa said...

Ouch!! Sorry to hear about that!! That truly stinks!! Hope you are feeling better soon and back on your bike :)