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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Women in the Church

Gender roles and the Bible have become quite the controversial issue in the modern church. I fear that the biblical text has been so thoroughly assaulted by "professionals" that the egalitarian perversion of Scripture is beginning to take hold and become entrenched. I fear that the church may never evict this compromised position, at least not in this current generation. The timing of this erroneous doctrine is particulary damaging because the modern "pew sitter" walks in biblical ignorance. Add to that an increasingly feminized culture and you have what we have today = a gender ignorant & gender neutral movement. Morever, today's church is dominated numerically with women...they do the work, they "man" the programs, etc. So, the modern preacher-pastor-minister guy can & will be tempted to go soft on gender roles because he might lose his flock or a portion of it. I strongly recommend a book to aid you in this morass of gender issues. "Women in the Church" by Andreas Kostenberger & Thomas Schreiner is the best single volume resource available. It is scholarly yet readable. It is thorough - they even refute bogus arguments you probably haven't even encountered...yet. Please get it and read it.

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