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Monday, May 08, 2006

Only 1120 Calories!

Ben & Jerry's - Fossil Fuel ice cream is superb. Here is the description: "Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Fudge Dinosaurs and a Fudge Swirl." I have really been consuming mass quantities of food lately, so last night was the deadline before I started "eating better." I decided to go out in style with a pint of Fossil Fuel. I'm usually a "New York Super Fudge Chunk" guy, but I decided to roll the dice & I hit the jackpot! It was 68 grams of fat & 104 grams of sugar expertly blended togther for one decilous pint of ice cream! And it was only 1120 calories. I guess it's back to the stairclimber for me!

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Soren said...

We tried it last night. Yummy!